• Exterior Painting

  • Exterior painting for homeowners and commercial.

    Exterior house painting is one of our specialties. We believe that preparation is the key to a long-lasting and quality exterior painting job. We insist that each and every house is power-washed, scraped, sanded, caulked, patched, spot-primed and re-primed to insure the durability and fine finish appearance of the top coat paint.

    Full Range of Exterior House Painting Prep Services

    We offer a full-range of prep services including stucco repair, wood repair and replacement.

    TSP Painting Services offers free estimates and multi-year warranties.

    Let our experienced team of professional painters increase the value and pleasing appearance of your home with a full-service TSP Painting Services exterior painting job today!

    We are fully equipped to provide excellent house painting on old homes, and our restoration techniques are top-notch.

    Exterior Painting Denver