• Texture for Ceilings and Walls

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    Texture is important to any house. Whether matching existing texture or starting over with all new, TSP Painting Services professional painters will meet your needs and give you the results you want.

    Wall and Ceiling Texture Styles

    There are many different textures one can consider. Knockdown is very popular in any style home and a great way to update any ceiling or wall.

    TSP Painting Services can also match and repair other older styles including popcorn ceiling, stomp, Mediterranean or stipple.

    Many people prefer to have smooth walls and clean lines. TSP Painting Services can remove any of the older textures and replace them with a new contemporary smooth look.

    Let the skilled professional painters at TSP Painting Services come to your home and discuss the many options available to homeowners and businesses. Take advantage of our free estimates to help you envision a new look and choose what is right for you.